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My name is Neill Pieterse (CrossFit Trainer Level 1 / CrossFit Trainer Level 2)

I have been involved in professional sport and fitness for the last 12 years. I have competed in athletics and rugby, where I was a part of the bulls Vodacom squad, cheetahs, and springbok sevens squad.

I found my love in fitness and believe that it is one of the best tools to incorporate into any sport. I have a special love for the weightlifting, and preparing professional crossfitters for completions or any other athletes looking for that special edge.

I also love seeing the improvement crossFit ads to people of all shapes and sizes, and seeing the benefit of crossFit in everyday life.

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12 Jul 19

Morning Quads 75 Partner Wall Balls 50 C2B 75 Partner Wall Balls into Block Run 75 OH SQ 50/35 Block Run into 30 Bear Complex'es 70/50 * every Break


11 Jul 19

Heavy single Push Jerk From Rack 3 RFT 30/22 Cal AB 25 AB Mat sit ups 20m DB Lunges 22.5/15 15 KB Swings 24/16 20 Push ups 25 C2B


10 Jul 19

15-12-9 STR PU STR HSPU FT 2/1,5km Row into 10 R 2 P Cleans 90/65 4 Bar Face Burpee 8 Pistols


9 Jul 19

Heavy single hang snatch FT 21m HS Walk 9 SQ snatches 80/55 21m HS Walk 6 SQ snatches 90/60 21m HS Walk 3 Sq snatches 100/65


8 Jul 19

Heavy Single Back SQ 1-95% 1-90% FT 400m Run, 27 HSPU 400m Run, 21 HSPU 400m Run, 15 HSPU *Wear Weighted Vest *Every break do 15/10 Cal AB


5 Jul 19

BOX Delima 50/35 Cal Row 4 R 10 DB Box step ups 10 DB Hang Clean 22.5/15kg 8 BAr MU into 50/35 Cal Ski 4R 12 DB Burpee Box Step ups 10 Devils Press..

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