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Fitness Certification

TRAINER: Neill Pieterse - CrossFit Trainer Level 1 / Crossfit Trainer Level 2

I have been involved in professional sport and fitness for the last 12 years. I have competed in athletics and rugby, where I was a part of the bulls Vodacom squad, cheetahs, and springbok sevens squad.

I found my love in fitness and believe that it is one of the best tools to incorporate into any sport. I have a special love for the weightlifting, and preparing professional crossfitters for completions or any other athletes looking for that special edge.

I also love seeing the improvement CrossFit ads to people of all shapes and sizes, and seeing the benefit of CrossFit in everyday life.

Growing up in Ermelo a lot was expected of me, and by the community around me. My only outlet then and now for getting rid of that everyday life stress is unloading it into a bar or a workout of the day.

The name “IRA” is Latin for “Rage”. So if you are an experienced athlete passing through or a beginner looking for some new friends and a new community crossfit IRA is the place to be.

Sometimes it is not about getting fit or lifting heavy, sometimes it is just therapy. So, drop by do a workout and make some new friends.

Courses Completed:

Crossfit Level 1,2, Crossfit Kids, Crossfit Gymnastics, Crossfit Strongman, Aerobic Capacity Course and the ONLY Level 2 weightlifting certified coach through Catalystathletics in South-Africa.

What is CrossFit

Youtube video eplaining CrossFit to the masses

Crossfit Rules

Show up regularly. Check in.


There is no “I Can’t.”

25 burpee penalty for doubting yourself, whining or making faces.

You just have to be nice!!

Introduce yourself to new members. Support and cheer for fellow athletes.

Get your own equipment.

Be prepared for what you will need for class.

Treat your equipment with respect.

DO NOT drop dumbells, kettlebells or barbells with less than 25# bumpers on each side unless bodily harm imminent.

Let the Coach Coach
No one cares where you finish

Everyone will be pissed if you cheat. Be honest with your fellow athletes & Yourself.

Clean up after yourself

This includes equipment, personal belongings, drink bottles, chalk dust, sweat, blood, germs and other DNA.


It’s important for progression.

Get used to it.

There will be sweating, profanity, yelling, grunting, bleeding, occasional flatulence and just gettin’ dirty.

Please be Respectful.

Keep in mind that it is possible to be too loud, vulgar, gross or rude.

This is a bitch free ZONE.

Leave your drama/baggage/ego/bad mood at the door.

You are responsibile for your own safety.

Be aware of what’s going on around you & aware of your own body. Push yourself, but not to an unsafe level.

If you appear to be over-trained

or under the weather the coaching staff reserves the right to send your ass home.


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