CrossFit has changed my way of thinking! I’ve been gymming for the past 6 years, all natural, wanting to get big. HUGE!

But when i was introduced to CrossFit my way of thinking was changed completely. Why become BIG, when u can become STRONG AND FIT? Being able to do a marathon without thinking twice! Now I don’t need to weigh 110Kg’s and think I’m appealing; I’d rather CrossFit so that I can be FIT AND STRONG, Stronger than ever before!!

Martin Filter, Computa Fundi!

CrossFit is the best thing since the invetion of Sliced bread. Only now I’ve learnt that I should minimize my bread intake, and follow a stricter Paleo diet.

I wasn’t able to do a single pull up in December, and after three months of hard and dedicated training I did my first Muscle Up!!

This stuff is amazing and I love the people. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I feel so much more confident, and best thing is – IT’S NOT FAKE…

Ronald Filter, The boss of the house!!